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Freshwater is one of our Earth's most precious resources. It comprises 75% of Earth’s surface and essential part of our ecosystem. Because water is a limited resource, water conservation and sustainability in careers is an important aspect of our green economy. Careers related to water are found in science, engineering,  planning and outreach, agriculture and ground maintenance, and water operations.



Water Facts (2:54) This brief video provided by Suez - Water Technologies & Solutions does an excellent job of illustrating the global nature of the water crisis.  






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Student Groups

  • Association of Environmental Professionals, Cal Poly SLO Student Chapter - Promotes networking and professional development in the field of natural resources management.
  • Engineers Without Borders-USA Cal Poly - The student chapter of Engineers Without Borders-USA at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo was founded in 2005 by a core group of students dedicated to making a global impact. Cal Poly’s EWB chapter has successfully implemented projects across the globe, impacting the lives of thousands.
  • Environmental Sciences Club (CP ESCape) - ESCape's mission is to facilitate academic achievement within the Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences Department, and to bring the group's members together through social events. 


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Example Job Titles

  • Hydrologist  
  • Irrigation Specialist  
  • Environmental Scientist  
  • Microbiologist  
  • Water Chemist  
  • Water Conservationist 


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