Fighting Fake News

The impact of misinformation on our society is one of the most important topics of today. 'Fake news' tarnishes transparency, participation, and trust, and significantly reduces the Internet's and news sources' public benefit. The result of 'fake news' is that the Internet and news outlets' ability to power a democratic society suffers greatly.







Digital Democracy works to identify claims from video of the California Legislature and is developed by the Institute for Advanced Technology and Public Policy at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo.

Digital Democracy is also discussed in this article on Fact-Checking 


Academic Programs and Courses - Cal Poly course catalog

  • COMS 218 Media, Self and Society
  • COMS 385 Media Criticism
  • COMS 386 Communication, Media, and Politics
  • COMS 419 Media Effects
  • CSC 466 Knowledge Discovery from Data
  • HIST 354 History of Network Technology
  • ISLA 123 Introduction to Science, Technology & Society
  • ISLA 303 Values and Technology
  • ISLA 320 Topics and Issues in Values, Media and Culture
  • JOUR 218 Media, Self and Society
  • JOUR 304 Public Affairs Reporting
  • JOUR 402 Journalism Ethics
  • POLS 180 Political Inquiry
  • POLS 347 Politics and Popular Culture
  • POLS 435 Political Communication


Cal Poly Student Clubs


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Professional Associations and Programs


Companies involved with fake news and hiring:


Job Titles

  • Public Policy Manager
  • Fact Checker
  • Technology Platforms Reporter
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Content Manager
  • Legislative Aide
  • Product Manager
  • Reporter
  • News Researcher

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