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MustangJOBSMustangJOBS, powered by Handshake, is Cal Poly's online job listing service. Over 25,000 on-campus, local part-time jobs, internships, and career positions are made available annually! 

MustangJOBS offers features, including:

  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Personalized job and internship recommendations
  • Access to opportunities including on-campus interviews, career fairs, university information tables, and information sessions
  • The ability to schedule appointments with your career counselor
  • A Resource Library that includes How To Quick Tips and exclusive Online Resources

Current students can login directly through their portal. To find out how to create saved searches and apply for on-campus interviews, check out our MustangJobs/Handshake Cheat Sheet.

Alumni can login directly here. Or if you do not have an account, please complete a request to create an alumni account.

If you have additional questions on how to use MustangJOBS, powered by Handshake, please feel free to give us a call at 805-756-5976 or access the Help Center by clicking here

Find information about canceling an interview, no-show policies, rescinding job offers and pressure from employers.

Privacy Privacy Settings

  • Your MustangJOBS/Handshake profile privacy can be changed at any time by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner, and then choosing Settings & Privacy
  • Visibility to Employers: Most employers are not currently able to view Cal Poly student profiles in MustangJOBS/Handshake (only Career Partners have access)
  • Visibility to Other Students: If you wish to view other students’ profiles to learn how they frame their skills and experience, you must first set your profile to be visible to other students
  • Please note that some profile components have their own privacy settings, such as GPA; This allows you to make your profile public while still keeping specific information private
  • Each time you upload a resume or other document, you will have the option of whether to make it publicly visible or private
  • Consider whether you wish to include personal information such as address and phone number when making documents public
  • To brush up on privacy and security best practices, please visit Cal Poly’s Office of Information Security

 MustangJOBS/Handshake for Cal Poly Alumni

  • Cal Poly students can retain their MustangJOBS/Handshake accounts after graduation! Simply complete an Alumni Account Request. The process is free, and provides you with lifelong access.
  • Cal Poly Alumni who have completed the alumni account request process can log in directly to MustangJOBS/Handshake here.
  • We have many more services available to Cal Poly Alumni. Find out more here.


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