Green Careers - Attainable Jobs in Environmental Sustainability


Careers in Sustainability (5:11) – UCLA, Dive into a brief overview of the types of fields you can work within sustainability, including technical fields, public sector, non-profit, business, and consulting.


Career Paths in Sustainability (1:46) – Duke University, Learn more about the possibilities of pursuing sustainability in non-science related fields.


Articles and Guides

  • 2020 Guide to Green Careers - All You Need to Know - Read this guide to discover growing industries for green careers, and top job-search resources. It also provides information about colleges, degrees and scholarships for green studies, as well as websites where you can look for green jobs.
  • A Guide to Green CareersRenewability. Sustainability. Efficiency. These three words describe the engine that will drive the economic growth in the near future and for decades to come. As the world’s economy goes, so goes its jobs market. This guidebook has been created to help readers better understand exactly what lies ahead for job seekers in a renewable, sustainable and more efficient world. If you are interested in finding a career where you can make a difference while making a living, this guidebook is for you.
  • Careers in Sustainability – Best Colleges, This article provides an overview of best majors & courses to take as part of your green career, as well as outlines possible career paths within sustainability.
  • Green Gigs: How to Launch a Stellar Sustainability Career – The Muse
  • Bright Outlook for Sustainability Careers – University of Wisconsin, The employment outlook for professionals seeking new and emerging sustainability careers is bright. That’s because sustainability is increasingly becoming a critical part of business strategy and operations.
  • 11 of the Fastest Growing Green Jobs – National Geographic, Green jobs benefit both the economy and environment and include everything from alternative fuels to tasty foods.
  • 45 Sustainability Resources You Need to Know - As we learn more about how human behavior is harming the planet, we’re creating new ways to educate, reflect, and innovate. This resource center features 45 noteworthy resources on sustainability.
  • Students’ Guide to Global Warming - Learn how global warming will affect specific areas in the United States, explore the primary causes of global warming, and discover the 8 economic warriors leading the charge against the growing issue.
  • Climate Change & Solar - Learn how solar and renewable energy can reduce a person’s carbon footprint.

Cal Poly Centers & Institutes

Academic Programs and Courses




  • BIO 112: Environmental Biology & Conservation (Area B5)
  • BIO 227: Wildlife Conservation Biology (Area B2)
  • BIO 401: Principles of Conservation Biology
  • BRAE 348: Energy for a Sustainable Society (Area F)
  • BRAE 434: Automotive Engineering for a Sustainable Future
  • CRP/NR 404: Environmental Law
  • CRP 440: Climate Action Planning
  • EDES 406: Sustainable Environments
  • ENVE 324: Introduction to Air Pollution (Area F)
  • ERSC 333: Human Impact on the Earth
  • ES 360: Ethnicity & the Land
  • GEOG/ERSC 325: Climate & Humanity
  • GEOG 350: The Global Environment (Area F)
  • GEOG 414: Global & Regional Climatology
  • MSCI 428: Marine Conservation & Policy
  • NR 142: Environmental Management
  • POLS/UNIV 333: World Food Systems (Area F)
  • PSC 320: Energy, Society and the Environment (Area F)
  • ENVE 323: Engineering for the Environment (Area F)
  • ENVE 405: Environmental Engineering Research

Student Clubs and Organizations

Sustainability Resources

Going Green at School - Check out the Sustainability Resources section for links to great organizations you can get involved with as a current student.

Internship Opportunities

Internship Search Resources (See Agriculture & Forestry; Environment & Outdoors; Sustainability)

Local Environmental Nonprofits

Local Governmental Agencies

Professional Associations & LinkedIn Groups


Possible Job Titles

  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Planner
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Naturalist
  • Sustainability Coordinator
  • Wildlife Biologist

Job Search Resources

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