Artificial Intelligence and Robotics


Meet the Robots at Amazon (2:50) 


Illumina Career Profile: AI Engineer Greg Apker (3:25) 


Tech Futurist – iRobot Careers (2:37)






Connect with Panelists from our Emerging Markets Panel

  • LinkedIn - Most of our Emerging Markets panelists have accounts on LinkedIn, and may be available to connect through this platform. 
  • Cal Poly Career Connections - Many of our Emerging Markets panelists are also alumni, and may be part of of the growing Cal Poly Career Connections community. Current students and alumni are able to connect through this exclusive online networking and mentoring platform.
  • Panelists at our Careers in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence event included:
    • Leah Hoover, Clinical Development Engineer with Intuitive Surgical
    • Dr. Ryan Jenkins, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Cal Poly and Director of Ethics & Policy at WhiteFox Defense
    • Alex McClure, Chief Product Officer at Unanimous AI
    • Bob Somers, Senior Software Engineer at Zoox
    • To learn more about these panelists' backgrounds, check out their biographies on this event handout

Cal Poly Clubs


Academic Programs and Courses

  • BRAE 428 - Agricultural Robotics and Automation
  • CPE 416 - Autonomous Mobile Robotics
  • CPE 485 - Autonomous Robot Navigation
  • CSC 480 - Artificial Intelligence
  • CSC 489 - Current Topics in Artificial Intelligence
  • CSC 580 - Artificial Intelligence
  • ME 423 - Robotics: Fundamentals and Applications
  • PHIL 327 - Robot Ethics


Professional Associations and Linkedin Groups


Sample Internship Programs


Potential Job Titles

  • AI Developer
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Autonomous Car Developer
  • Machine Learning and AI Research Scientist
  • Robotics Software Engineer
  • Robotics/Automation Developer
  • Robotics Researcher
  • Robotics Algorithm Developer


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