Physical & Mental Optimization

Physical and Mental Optimization careers range from psychology to athletic training to nutrition, and beyond. These are careers that focus on the success of mental and physical health in life and sports.



Health and Wellness Management: Meeting the new demands of a growing career field (2:39)




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  • PSY 320 Health Psychology
  • FSN 321 Contemporary Issues in Food Choice and Preparation
  • FSN 417 Nutrition Consulting
  • FSN 420 Critical Evaluation of Nutrition Research
  • KINE 250 Healthy Living
  • KINE 266 Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • KINE 278 Introduction to Perspectives in Physical Activity
  • KINE 330 Group Fitness Instruction
  • KINE 366 Applied Sport Psychology
  • KINE 451 Nutrition for Fitness and Sport
  • HLTH 310 Injury Prevention
  • HLTH Media and Technology in Health Promotion
  • HLTH 405 Stress, Health, and Chronic Illness
  • DANC 210 Active Wellness


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