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Many define Food Culture as the study of food and its influence on society. In the 21st century, this has evolved into new forms, including reality tv shows, food blogs, digital food photography, and food history, among many others.


Day in the Life: Food Blogger (3:18) Follow the Arizona food blog Modern Day Forager as they show their process of presenting recipes they develop and photographing these dishes.



  • Dine and Dish: Are Social Media and Food the Perfect Pairing? Foodie sites are rising fast as more and more food-obsessed Americans are turning to social media to help satiate their cravings. Find out more in this infographic by Flowtown.
  • How Millennials Eat: It’s not just about nutrition. Millennials view food as entertainment and self-expression. Learn more with this collaboration of Splendid Communications and Kelly Ashworth Design. 




ENGAGE With Cal Poly Connections

The food industry, like many others, is a mix of skill and passion. If you love food, think about what skill you will develop to help you pursue opportunities in this field. Chefs, food bloggers, and magazine editors all have found ways to pair their talents with their interest. Below are some groups, programs, and courses that can help with that next step.

Student Groups

  • Creative Media Development (CMD) - Considering learning web development, photography, videography, and many other digital skills? CMD is a club built to help peers educate peers on current industry web development and media standards in a social learning environment 
  • Food Science Club


Programs and Courses

  • ART 122, Basic Digital Photography - Fundamental techniques in photography. Mechanics of digital cameras, optics, composition, the perception of light and subject content. Understanding photographic principles and the language of camera vision. Introduction to the impact of photography on culture. Digital camera required. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory. Fulfills GE C3. 
  • BUS 453, Digital and New Media Marketing - Definitions, scope, phases, and tools of digital and new media marketing communications. Planning integrated marketing communications in a systematic way across digital tools and new media channels that reflect a client organization's strategy for managing its identity, image, and reputation. Prerequisites: BUS 418; GRC 201 or GRC 377; JOUR 331; and JOUR 342. 
  • BUS 459, Social Media's Role in Integrated Marketing Communications - Integrative project experience in social media marketing and/or integrative marketing communications campaign: research target markets, identify appropriate social media and other media channels. Field trips required. Prerequisite: BUS 453.
  • GRC 440. Magazine Design Technology - Concept development and design for magazines and publications. Technical considerations as they relate to output technology and digital publishing. Application of organizational structures such as grids, formatting and sequential design. Advanced techniques in typography and image manipulation. Distribution of content for print and digital formats. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory. Prerequisite: Senior standing, GRC 402; Graphic Communication majors only.


ENHANCE Your Involvment in the Field

Professional Connections

  • Food Photography Industry Professionals - This LinkedIn group is a meeting place for all professionals related to food and drink photography, including photographers, food stylists, prop stylists, food and drink magazine editors. 
  • Food Blogger Connection - Connect with thousands of food bloggers through this LinkedIn group. 
  • Global Blogger Network -  A LinkedIn group for all bloggers. Network, discuss, and share your blogging experience.  
  • Association of Food Bloggers - Created in an effort to clearly define standards for food bloggers as well as provide training and tools for food bloggers. 


Internship Opportunities

Consider contacting local news organizations to inquire regarding pre-career opportunities such as internships, volunteer opportunities, or job shadow experiences.


ACHIEVE Career Success - Image owned by Architectural Workshop in Denver, CO

Example Job Titles

  • Culinary Historian 
  • Culinary Trendologist 
  • Chef Instructor 
  • Food Activist 
  • Food Blogger 
  • Food Critic 
  • Food Economist 
  • Food Stylist 
  • Forager 
  • Gourmet Food Buyer 
  • Ice Cream Flavor Guru 
  • Personal Chef  
  • Recipe Tester and Developer 
  • Research Chef


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