Entrepreneurship in Science & Math



Connect with Panelists from our Emerging Markets Panel

  • LinkedIn - Most of our Emerging Markets panelists have accounts on LinkedIn, and may be available to connect through this platform. 
  • Cal Poly Career Connections - Many of our Emerging Markets panelists are also alumni, and may be part of of the growing Cal Poly Career Connections community. Current students and alumni are able to connect through this exclusive online networking and mentoring platform.
  • Panelists at our Entrepreneurship in Science & Math event included:
    • Rose Badrigian, CEO and Founder of BooBees Surf Company
    • Maggi Beckstrand, Biostatistician and SAS Programming Consultant
    • Roxy Borger, Owner of Liberate Your Biz Consulting
    • Dr. Erik Sapper, CIE Faculty Fellow and Assistant Professor in the Cal Poly Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
    • Eoghan Shields, Outreach Coordinator at Cal Poly CIE
    • To learn more about these panelists' backgrounds, check out their biographies on this event handout

Student Groups

  • Cal Poly Entrepreneurs (CPE) - CPE is an interdisciplinary organization that serves as a home for all majors at Cal Poly. The members of CPE believe that the best ideas stem from people who approach problems from different perspectives.
  • Cal Poly Consulting (CPC) - Consulting Club is Cal Poly's premier club on raising awareness about the Consulting Industry and establishing active connections between students and firms.


Cal Poly Centers and Academic Programs


Example Linkedin Groups


Local Resources

  • SLO Hothouse - The SLO HotHouse is a community space that has been created through the efforts of Cal Poly, the San Luis Obispo Community, and the Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The goal of the SLO HotHouse is to support students and community members alike as they work to create new innovations and start business ventures.
  • San Luis Obispo SCORE - The San Luis Obispo County Chapter of SCORE is part of a nationwide nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth, and success of small businesses in San Luis Obispo County and the Santa Maria Valley.
  • San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce - SLO Chamber connects the business community with ideas, inspiration and each other, bringing people together to shape the place we love. 


Possible Job Titles

  • Consumer R&D Internship
  • Front End Developer
  • Life Science Analyst
  • Research Specialist
  • Sustainable Growth and Development Manager
  • Vendor Management Analyst


Example Startups

  • Apostle
  • BlueRock Therapeutics
  • Boragen
  • CARMA Therapeutics
  • CBT Pharmaceuticals
  • Cirius Therapeutics
  • Corbin Therapeutics
  • DMD Therapeutics
  • Fibrocor Therapeutics
  • Fortis Therapeutics
  • Freenome
  • Hyalex Orthopedics
  • Immune-Onc
  • Indalo Therapeutics
  • Jecure Therapeutics
  • Prelude Fertility
  • Relay Therapeutics
  • Shepherd Therapeutics
  • Surrozen
  • Tange Therapeutics

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