Thank You Letter Guidelines

Following an interview, it's recommended you send a thank you letter, not only to state your interest in the position and the company, but also to tell them something new or to restate something you discussed. The letter can show that you listened to the interviewer, researched the company, and targeted the skills and characteristics they're looking for. As one employer commented: "I often get letters from people after the interview, and of the ones that come in, most are simple one paragraph thank-you notes. What really makes an impression on me is a letter that tells me something new or challenges my thinking."

A thank you letter is mailed within a day or two following an interview. It's important to have the interviewer's name (s) - spelled correctly - title, and complete address. When interviewed by more than one person, separate letters can be sent to each interviewer. If you have been contacting the company by e-mail, that may be another option to use for the thank you letter.

Sample Thank You Letter

Your Name
Your Address
City, State Zip code
Tip: Begin your thank you letter with the same header that you used on your resume and cover letter to create a cohesive professional brand.

Today's Date

Name of the individual with whom you interviewed (with title, if appropriate)
Organization Name
City, State Zip code

Dear Mr./Ms. (Insert Name):

Thank the interviewer for the interview (if more than one interviewer, write a letter to each one), and state the date and place of your meeting. Indicate the position or topics discussed. Restate your interest in the organization, and refer to any key items that established your interest in the position or company. Describe any other characteristics or experience you may not have mentioned in the interview. (Sample entry follows)

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the position of Design Engineer with you on February 7, at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. The information you shared about the worldwide scope of Media International was especially interesting to me, and I am excited about the possibility of applying my education and experience with your company. I was also pleased to learn that you offer opportunities for continued learning and travel, as I would like to continue my language and technical studies. I may not have mentioned that I am fairly fluent in Korean.

Offer the opportunity to be contacted for further information, and thank the individual for his or her time in meeting with you. (Sample entry follows)

Please feel free to contact me if I can provide further information. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you again.


(Sign name)

Your Name (type)

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