On-campus Interviewing   On-Campus Interviews

Each year hundreds of companies and organizations come to Cal Poly to interview for over 500 internships, co-ops and career positions.

  • You may begin applying for interviews through MustangJOBS on the first day of classes during Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters.

"No-Show" Cancellation Policy

First “No-Show” or 24 Hour Cancellation:

You may schedule, reschedule or cancel interview appointments via MustangJOBS up until two business calendar days before your interview date. If you must cancel your interview less than 24 hours in advance, you must notify the Recruiting Office at 805-756-5976. If you cancel within 24 hours of the interview, or are a "NO-SHOW," your MustangJOBS account will be placed on a temporary suspension status until an apology letter is written to the recruiter. The recruiter contact information is housed in the Recruiting Office, Bldg. 124, Rm. 113. When emailing the apology letter to the recruiter, please CC a copy of the email to Cal Poly Recruiting staff ( In addition, you are required to meet with a Career Counselor during Drop-In hours. Please let the counselor know you are there specifically for an interview no-show so the counselor can follow up with the Recruiting Office. Once the On-Campus Recruitment staff receives a copy of the letter and verification from the counselor, privileges will be restored to you.

Second “No-Show” or 24 Hour Cancellation:

The second time you cancel an interview less than 24 HOURS in advance or are a "NO-SHOW," you must meet with the Executive Director, Eileen Buecher and you will forfeit your privileges to participate in the on-campus recruitment program for ten weeks. This action will also cause all remaining on-campus interviews to be canceled and opened up to other students.


An emergency on the day of your interview? We understand. Just call the Recruiting office at 805.756.5976. You will need to write a letter explaining why you were not present the day of your interview using the same instructions above. BUT, you are only allowed one emergency cancellation per academic year. More than one emergency interview cancellation or one "No-Show" will result in automatic suspension from the On-Campus Interviewing Program for one quarter.

Student Interview Room Reservations   Student Interview Room Reservations

Career Services has four designated private interview rooms for students to reserve for phone and video interviews. These rooms can be reserved 7 days in advance and are available between 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. for students who need a quiet, professional space to conduct interviews. If you need access to technology for your video interview, please contact our Recruiting Office at or (805) 756-5976.

Calendly Schedule To view current availability* or make a reservation, click the calendar icon.

*This calendar provides live scheduling, and updates automatically.

Resources to Help You   Resources to Help You

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