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Career Services provides services to all members of the Mustang family. We openly engage all of those who are a part of our community and the diversity represented. We encourage you to explore how organizations value attracting diverse students in order to build an inclusive culture with diverse perspectives. Below are resources that you can use to learn more! To learn more, please see Our Commitment to Inclusive Practices.


General Career Resources   General Career Resources

  • Multicultural Workplace Competencies - A document created by Career Services' staff highlighting workplace diversity competencies and action items for becoming more culturally competent.
  • Jobs with Employers Committed to Diversity
  • Insight Into Diversity - Successfully connects employers to the most highly qualified individuals regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, medical condition or history, veteran status, gender identity or expression, and sexual orientation.

African American/Black   African American/Black

Career Resources

DACA and AB540/Undocumented Students   DACA and AB540/Undocumented Students

Cal Poly Student Organizations

Career Resources

International Students   International Students

Cal Poly Student Organizations

Career Resources

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender   Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

Students with Disabilities   Students with Disabilities

Women   Women

Cal Poly Student Organizations

Career Resources

Veterans   Veterans

Veteran Jobs

Military Times This online publication offers news about service members at home and deployed around the world in addition to information about getting an education, finding a job, starting a business, and transitioning out of the military. Check out their Best for Vets: Employer 2017 list.

All the Benefits of Service
Web site is run by Articles ranging from education benefits, discount travel and career section. Career section has a job search database designed specifically for Veterans. 

Joining Forces
List of companies who have a focus on hiring veterans and/or offering support programs.

Veterans Upward Bound 
Assist veterans by developing, improving, and extending educational access and opportunities to eligible veterans through academic needs assessment, instruction, enrichment, and other academic support  activities. Veterans Upward Bound projects are funded by the U. S. Department of Education and serve eligible veterans across the nation.

United States Department of Veterans Affairs: VA Jobs 

Military to Civilian Language Translators for Resumes 

Career One Stop: Pathways to Career Success 
Helpful web site in converting Military job titles to civilian job titles. 
Does not provide detailed job descriptions. 

O*Net Online: Crosswalk Search 
O*Net search tool called the Military Occupational Classification (MOC) provides job descriptions for military positions. 

Transition Assistance Online: Military-Skills Translator
Provides military job descriptions 

Resume Sample
Military to Civilian Resume Sample for Student Veterans

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