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Your job search can seem overwhelming, however having a strategy can make the process seem less daunting and much more manageable. Career Services is here to help! Attend our workshops or meet with your Career Counselor for additional help.


How to find a job or internship   How to Find a Job or Internship

Clarify Your Career Goals

  • Identify your VIPS (values, interests, personality, and strengths/skills), meet with a Career Counselor for support.
  • Reflect on your education, experiences, and what you know about yourself
  • Determine how you add value, and what you can offer a company
  • Consider personal preference (geographic location, employer size, work environment).

Identify Your Job Targets

  • Research career fields and industries
  • Utilize the Graduate Status Report
  • Explore occupations and the work involved
  • Review job descriptions

Plan and Organize Your Search

  • Identify the steps you need to take (application instructions, materials, deadlines)
  • Identify helpful resources (like specific job boards and networking opportunities)
  • Create a timeline (.xls)
  • Track your interactions and progress along the way

Use Multiple Search Strategies & Resources

  • Keep in mind that the most successful searches involve a comprehensive approach using more than one strategy. Be sure to use a combination of resources below to help with that search. If you have questions, meet with your Career Counselor to see which strategies work best for your field.

Prepare for Interviews

  • Use our Successful Interviewing guide to help you prepare and perform in interviews
  • Practice interviewing with our online resource Big Interview (access through MustangJOBS)

Evaluate Offers

  • When receiving written employment offers, read the offer and make sure that you understand all of the details. Various aspects of the offer may be negotiated depending on industry. Meet with your Career Counselor to determine how to approach salary negotiation. Check out our Evaluating Job Offers handout.

Where to find a job or internship   Where to Find a Job or Internship


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Agriculture and Forestry (see also Environment)

Architecture and Environmental Design

Art and Entertainment


Communication and Media

Education (see also Nonprofit) also see Job Search for Educators


Environment and Outdoors


Health and Medicine

History and Social Science


Nonprofit and Social Service

Science & Mathematics

Sports and Recreation/Hospitality and Events



SLO County Household Jobs

This listing is for SLO County household jobs such as child care, tutoring, and yard work. Find them here.

Cal Poly Academic Department Job and Internship Listings

Video Resources   Video Resources

Internship Videos

Networking & Social Media Videos

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