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Testimonials  Testimonials

Students' Stories  Students' Stories

Emily Barnhart Testimonial Cal Poly Career Services

“I've been to Career Services before to ask about my major and how I can get a job in the industry and stuff like that. I've been doing some research because for my specific minor, it seems kind of difficult and there is not that much information out there so I kind of just want to get more information about it. I got to talk about what I want to do. But also I'm going to be setting up some meetings so that I can actually get everything sorted out.”
– Jeffery Do, Computer Science


Max Wu Testimonial Cal Poly Career Services

“Career Services' Clothing Closet helped me pick out interview clothes for future jobs. It's a good thing they're offering this kind of clothing for people!”
– Max Wu, Mechanical Engineering


Emily Barnhart Testimonial Cal Poly Career Services

“Career Services helped me prepare for an interview that I had over this past spring break. I worked with Candy twice to perfect my interview skills. She and I had a mock interview which really helped me realize what I was lacking and what my strengths were in an interview. I ended up getting the internship for this summer at my home districts assemblyman's office. I can definitely say that career services attributed to my success in getting the internship.”
– Emily Barnhart, Business Administration


Emily Barnhart Testimonial Cal Poly Career Services

“I have been to Career Services before for resume help. That was great! I got a lot of good feedback.”
– Tedmon Tran, Electrical Engineering


Emily Barnhart Testimonial Cal Poly Career Services

“If you’re feeling confused about where your major is taking you, or about what kinds of careers might fit with your major, definitely visit Career Services. They are really helpful and friendly, and can definitely help you prepare for your dream job!”
– Rae Danell, Agriculture Business and Management


Charlotte Ferrari Testimonial Cal Poly Career Services

“Being a marketing student, I always knew I wanted to be in a creative and analytical position. Through the help of Career Services’ career counselors, I figured out that advertising would be the perfect field. While talking to a fellow classmate during a group project, I found out about her internship at a digital marketing agency. She connected me with the agency, which led to a series of interviews. Thanks to my extensive past experience, and Career Services’ help with my portfolio and resume, I got the internship! After my first day, I knew I loved the collaborative and creative nature of the job as the days flew by. Now, I am happy to say I have been hired to work there full-time!”
– Charlotte Ferrari, Business Administration


Mikaela Manzano Testimonial Cal Poly Career Services

“[In regards to the Clothing Closet,] I thought this was a great thing because sometimes it's really hard to find business clothes and these are free! I don't have a lot of professional clothing and the variety and stuff they had was really great. I think this is a really cool event.”
- Mikaela Manzano, Nutrition


Audrey Spitzer & Haley Beahm Testimonial Cal Poly Career Services

“[In regards to the Clothing Closet,] I can't believe the support of the community to bring all of these clothing items to students. It really impressed me.”
- Garrett Ahren, Graduate Student


Andrew Ochoa Testimonial Cal Poly Career Services

“[In regards to the Clothing Closet,] I'm going to be wearing these clothes at the Career Fair next week.”
- Andrew Ochoa, Aersospace Engineering

“Me too, because I didn't have a single item of professional clothing.”
- Jack Maughan, Manufacturing Engineeringt

&lqduo;And no money to buy it so this helps out a lot!”
- Andrew Ochoa

Employers' Stories  Employers' Stories

“Our Surgical manufacturing site in Irvine, CA has had the pleasure of working with Cal Poly SLO over the past 19 years hiring both engineering co-ops and regular full-time engineers particularly Bio-med, Industrial, Mechanical, and Electrical majors. The Cal Poly Learn By Doing Method is a great fit for our company culture. The students are self- starters who are anxious to apply their engineering studies to solve real world industry challenges. Many of our Cal Poly hires have gone on to become leaders within our global organization.”

 - Cathy Kowalski
  Sr. Human Resources Generalist, Alcon


“Over the past 14 years I have visited over 50 universities across the US to recruit students to our firm. In those years one of my favorite universities to visit has been Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Not only is the town and school a great place to visit, but the Career Center is awesome to work with. The facilities are top notch, clean, up to date, and functional for recruiting. The staff has always been in the tops of the country. Not only are they extremely helpful and knowledgeable, they are willing to go the extra mile to help the students and the employers make a great match. It has been great to work with Melinda and the staff throughout the years.”

 - Robie Stansifer
  College Recruiting Team Leader, Kimley-Horn


Cisco loves Cal Poly!

Why? We love the energy and passion of the students – it comes out when we’re talking to them about what they are working on or about their coursework. We love the “learn by doing culture”, this ensures that students are successful in internships and in new grad roles. CalPoly students are able to articulate what they are working and the value it will add – and their contribution. It helps that they have a great campus and a beautiful city to call home.

 - Tina Randhawa (University Relations Business Partner)
 - Marilou Alejo (Program Manager, Enterprise Segment)

Videos   Videos

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