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Student Affairs Strategic Plan

Student Affairs Strategic Plan

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


Career Services empowers Cal Poly students to achieve a lifetime of meaningful career success by engaging with Cal Poly's vibrant network.


Career Services shapes innovative, ethical and culturally competent graduates to advance the economic and collective welfare of our global society.


  • Turning possibilities into plans
  • Cultivating meaningful relationships and career advocates
  • Fostering continuous professional development
  • Promoting a welcoming and supportive environment
  • Helping students articulate the value of their academic and co-curricular experiences


Confidentiality Statement   Confidentiality Statement

Any disclosure of student information outside of the educational institution shall be with prior consent of the student unless health and safety considerations necessitate the dissemination of such information. Career Services professionals shall exercise sound judgment and fairness in maintaining the confidentiality of student information, regardless of the source, including written records, reports and computer databases.

Statement of Shared
Ethical Practice & Conduct

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Our Commitment to Inclusive
 and Diversity Liaison Teams

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