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For the wellbeing of our campus community, we are currently offering virtual Information Sessions. There is a non-refundable $100 fee ($50 for non-profits) for each session due at the time of your registration. To start the process, please contact Melinda McCann at

  • Log-in to your Handshake account. 
  • Click the blue-button "+Create an Event"
  • Fill out the form 
    • Event name: label as "(company name) Virtual Information Session."
    • Host school: California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo.
    • Contact: Melinda McCann. 
    • Type: select the "Info Session" option. Do not click the virtual option. 
    • Start date and end date are the same. 
    • Branding: Although adding your logo is optional, I highly suggest adding this to get your brand out in a visible way. Please fill in the description with the company and event information. The virtual link will also be in this area. 
  • Once you submit the form, it will get processed in 24 hrs, and I will send an invoice to you via Handshake.
  • Please email Melinda McCann if you need a Zoom event created, otherwise you can use your companies designated platform to create the virtual event.  
  • Once the invoice has been paid, I can accept your event on Handshake and start sending out marketing.

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