Dialogue with promising candidates in the comfort of our private interview rooms, free of charge. Pre-screening options allow employers to choose the applicants whose skills and experience best align with job requirements. Our online schedule-building system will do the leg-work for you by eliminating the time and effort involved in contacting candidates individually.

Virtual On-Campus Interviews and Information Sessions are now available upon request in Handshake. 

NOTE: Interview room reservations for the day after a Career Fair are made during your Career Fair registration.

Senior Recruiting Coordinator and Employer Relations: Melinda McCann, mmmccann@calpoly.edu805-756-2107.


  Types of Interview Schedules


Students who meet your basic qualifications may apply for interviews. After the student application deadline, you review your pool of candidates, and select students you wish to interview, as well as alternates. After your selections have been made, the students are invited to fill interview timeslots on a first come-first served basis. Should invited students decline, the alternates you selected will be able to fill in any gaps on your schedule.

*Advantages of the Pre-Select schedule: employers are able to review student resumes in advance and choose candidates whose skills and experience make them the best match for current openings. Then, MustangJOBS takes care of the hard work of scheduling interviews.

Room Reservation Only

You may receive student resumes during career fairs, networking sessions, through web resume books or by listing your positions on MustangJOBS. Interview schedules are created manually by the employer, after contacting candidates directly. Rooms are available for interviews beginning at 8:30 a.m. and concluding by 4:30 p.m. Because interviews are scheduled manually, the Room Reservation Only option requires the most legwork for the employer.

*Advantages of the Room Reservation Only option: Interview schedule can be created quickly, and you have a set list of interviewees well in advance of the interview date. Affords an opportunity for pre-screening over the phone.

   Recruiting Calendar

Find out more about on-campus interview seasons, and when to plan your next visit, by using our Recruiting Calendar. All dates are subject to change.

  Parking Information

Free parking is provided for employers conducting on-campus interviews and networking sessions coordinated by Career Services. You will receive the current parking code via email three days before your interview date, which may be used to redeem a Sponsored Guest parking permit at the pay station. Sponsored Guest permits are valid in any Staff or Sponsored Guest parking space, but are not valid in 30 minute spaces or at parking meters. Availability of parking on campus is very limited, and we encourage you to carpool to help alleviate delays.

To view additional parking lots, please visit our Sponsored Guest Parking Map.

  Cancellation Policy

Career Services requires employers who cancel interview dates after student interview sign-ups begin, or who fail to attend scheduled interviews, to contact candidates directly in order to provide notification of the cancellation. Employers who fail to attend scheduled interviews, or who cancel interview dates at the last minute, will also be required to use the Room-Only schedule model for the following academic quarter.

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