Career and Life Success Model

This model was created to help you understand the knowledge, skills and abilities you’ll need to be ready for dynamic career and life possibilities. The model features four Core Themes (in the middle) and two Meta Themes (the outer circles) which are interwoven through each of the Core Themes.

Your college experiences, such as classes, internships, study abroad, part-time work, and co-curricular activities play a unique role in helping you develop within the various themes. Additionally, our Career and Life Success Guide provides action steps to help get you ready for a lifetime of success.


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence
An ability to identify and manage your emotions and recognize their impact on others by applying critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.

  • Emotional insight and balance

  • Self-awareness and regulation

  • Social awareness and social skills

    The Meta Theme of Emotional Intelligence is interwoven into each of the four core themes below.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion
An understanding of individuals' similarities and differences while valuing and respecting others' perspectives and backgrounds.

  • Diversity awareness and respect

  • Global/intercultural perspective

  • Recognition of personal bias

    The Meta Theme of Diversity & Inclusion is interwoven into each of the four core themes below.

Growth Mindset
The belief that you can improve upon your abilities and change your perception of success through practice, effort, and continuous learning.

  • Failure and resilience

  • Adaptability and flexibility

  • Curiosity and creativity

Relationship Management

Relationship Management

An ability to develop, foster, and maintain various types of meaningful relationships throughout your life and career.

  • Teamwork and collaboration

  • Networking and mentoring

  • Purposeful communication

Career Navigation

Career Navigation

Knowledge of personal factors that influence career decision-making and ability to intentionally explore and develop your career.

  • Decision-making

  • Career exploration and planning

  • Understanding of values, interests, personality, and strengths

Professional Foundation

Professional Foundation

Knowledge and skills you need to effectively compete for internships, jobs, graduate school and other opportunities.

  • Resume, cover letter, and portfolio

  • Interviewing and professional branding

  • Opportunity search strategies


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