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Cal Poly Career Services is committed to supporting your recruiting efforts through campus interviews, information sessions, career fairs, and job/internship postings. To ensure Cal Poly students are making informed, ethical, and timely decisions about their job and internship offers, the following policies and procedures should guide your hiring strategies.*

Please visit MustangJOBS, powered by Handshake, to share your opportunities with students and alumni.

*Policies and Procedures for Accounting firms are communicated and available from Sheri Boscaro, CPA, Executive Director for Accounting Excellence, Orfalea College of Business, Cal Poly,, 805-756-2695.

Job & Internship Policies


Job postings may not have an expiration date of more than 90 days past the posting date for career or internship positions, and 3 weeks past the posting date for local community/household jobs. Employers may select an expiration date earlier than the default. Employers will receive a notification of the posting’s expiration and can repost the job if the position is still vacant.

Career Services reserves the right to determine posting eligibility and decline positions deemed unsuitable for students seeking full‐time, internship, or relevant part-time positions.

There is no guarantee that we will be able to fill your position in any given period of time.

Career Services reserves the right to approve employers, users and postings that will enhance students’ overall career experience and will meet the needs of Cal Poly students seeking professional development opportunities. In addition, employers must abide by Cal Poly Internship Policies governed by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Employers and organizations recruiting at Career Services are expected to adhere to:

Job & Internship Posting Policies

Career Services will only approve account requests for companies and organizations that provide the following complete contact information:

  1. First/last name and job title of a contact person
  2. Email address from the company’s domain and not a personal email account (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  3. Mailing address
  4. Telephone number
  5. Website address (if available)
  6. Complete company description

Career Services requires the following information for each position submitted:

  1. Position title
  2. Selection(s) from the Job Function field that represent the position’s description and responsibilities
  3. Clear job description (primary skills, knowledge and responsibilities)
  4. Candidate’s requirements (level of education, majors, and level of experience)
  5. Internship Compensation

Unacceptable Postings

Career Services does not accept:

  1. On-campus solicitation, posting of materials, or sale of products and services.
  2. A part-time position offered outside of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.
  3. Postings for an unpaid internship at a for-profit organization where Cal Poly exercises oversight over the internship and provides educational credit.
  4. Postings with compensation exclusively based on fees/percentage of sales from others under their sponsorship in the organization.
  5. Compensation that is exclusively commission (will require a minimum wage salary, if commission is not met).
  6. Postings where the organization is sponsoring an individual to establish their own business for the purpose of selling products or services, and/or recruiting other individuals to establish their own businesses.
  7. Postings where the organization requires an initial payment or investment with the organization itself serving as an umbrella or parent corporation. Investment of this type may include, but are not limited to, such things as: requirement to attend unpaid orientation or training sessions; direct payment of a fixed fee; payment to attend orientation or training sessions; and/or purchase or rent of a starter kit, sales kit, or presentation supplies.
  8. Postings where the organization fails, for any reason, to provide essential information concerning the job description; e.g. commission only, salary, applicant requirements, etc.
  9. Postings where the employer is unable, or unwilling, to provide written documentation of registration with a Better Business Bureau, if so requested.
  10. Employer registrations or job postings for teaching and/or tutors abroad.

Third Party Recruiters

Career Services defines third-party recruiters as agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment opportunities other than for their own needs, including:

  • Employment Agencies
  • Search Firms
  • Contract Recruiter
  • Online Job Posting or Resume Referral Services
  • Temporary Agencies or Staffing Services
  • Outsourcing Contractors or Leasing Agencies

Third-party recruiters posting a position with Career Services MUST:

  1. Select ONLY “Third Party Staffing” in the Industry field in their general profile in Handshake.
  2. Provide the name of your client within the job description AND job title.
  3. Follow all EEO guidelines, set forth by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
  4. Not disclose to any employer, including the client-employer, any student information without obtaining prior written consent from the student. Under no circumstances can student information be disclosed for other than the original recruiting purposes nor can it be sold or provided to other entities.

Third-party recruiters charging fees to Cal Poly students will not be permitted access to Career Services. Career Services at Cal Poly reserves the right to terminate an employer account for violation of university policies and procedures. Third-party recruiters are not be permitted to host events on campus such as Information Sessions/Networking Sessions, and tabling.

Screening Candidates

Cal Poly Career Services does not screen candidates on their work authorization status. Employers are responsible for reviewing, screening, interviewing, and making job offers to students; inclusive of screening for work authorization prior to interviews and job/internship offers.


MustangJOBS resources are provided free of charge to employers and to student job seekers. All hiring and compensation for work performed by student employees is handled directly between the student and the employer. Career Services does not perform background checks on students applying for positions, nor on employers posting job opportunities. Employers and students are encouraged to request reference information from each other as needed to establish qualifications, credentials and overall fit between the employer and the student applicant.

All job listings are posted at the discretion of Career Services. We will not post jobs that appear to discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability, or gender. Career Services also reserves the right to refuse posting positions that do not support the interests of the University and our students.

On-Campus Recruiting Policies

Recruiting at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) is centralized at Career Services and participation in on-campus recruiting is available to the following students at Cal Poly:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students
  • Alumni still in the job search process


The guidelines set forth by Career Services are designed to define the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the recruitment process; including students, employers, and staff. Our goal is to facilitate an efficient and well-managed recruiting process that provides a rewarding experience to all our constituents. These guidelines exist to ensure all parties are provided the best possible service and attention necessary to achieve our goals. Participation in on-campus recruitment is a privilege, and comes with certain ethical expectations and responsibilities listed below and in accordance with the Principles of Professional Conduct for Career Services Professionals outlined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).


Career Services utilizes MustangJOBS, powered by Handshake, an online career services management tool to coordinate all aspects of on-campus recruiting.

Career Services maintains fourteen interview rooms in our office.

Due to the quality of Cal Poly students, employers need to schedule on-campus recruiting visits far in advance. We encourage employers to reserve recruiting dates as soon as possible so that we may accommodate their preferred date. Please visit our Recruitment Calendar of events and activities for more information.

Interview space is scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis with priority scheduling provided to our Career Partners.

A typical interview schedule begins at 8:30 a.m. and concludes at 4:30 p.m.

On-Campus Interviews

  1. Students must apply to position(s) using MustangJOBS, powered by Handshake. Employers can request students to apply to their website, in addition to applying via Handshake.
  2. Each organization is responsible for reviewing and selecting candidates. To ensure employers are selecting candidates that meet the organization's screening criteria, refer to the APPLICANTS tab attached to each position within the on-campus schedule on Handshake. Career Services will not screen candidates for the employer or adjust campus interview schedules after the selections have been submitted and the students have been notified through MustangJOBS, powered by Handshake.
  3. Employers must abide by Cal Poly Career Services’ Job Posting Policies when attaching the position(s) to their on-campus schedule.
  4. Additional breaks and changes to employers’ on-campus visit must be made prior to the student interview sign up date. Any changes made to the schedule after the student interview sign up date begins must be made by the employer and submitted to Career Services prior to the on-campus interview date.

Interview Cancellations

  1. Employers must submit the cancellation in writing to Melinda McCann (, Lauren Platte ( and/or Taylor Law ( prior to the employer preselect date.
  2. The employer is required to send a cancellation statement to all student applicants, providing a reason for the cancellation.
  3. If an alternate interview date is needed, Career Services will do our best to accommodate this request. However, because employers schedule on-campus recruiting visits far in advance, we may not be able to accommodate the employer’s preferred date (Two to three alternate dates are required).


Employers are expected to maintain the confidentiality of student information, regardless of the source (including personal knowledge, written records/reports, social networking websites and computer databases). An employer should not disclose information about a student to another organization without their prior written consent, unless necessitated by health, legal, and/or safety considerations.

Accurate Information

Employers are expected to provide accurate information about their organizations and employment opportunities. This includes, but is not limited to: positions available, position responsibilities, career advancement opportunities, salary and benefits, and location.

Timely Communication

Employers are expected to inform students of their status in the hiring process and communicate hiring decisions within the agreed upon time-frame between the employer and the students.

Testing Information

Employers should inform Career Services and student candidates in advance of any testing, the purpose of the tests, and their policies regarding disclosure of test results.

Equal Opportunities

Employers are expected to engage in non-discrimination practices in their recruitment activities, and to follow equal employment opportunity and affirmative action principles.

Making and Reporting Offers

Cal Poly Career Services strongly requests employers to allow our students sufficient time to carefully consider their employment options and to make informed decisions on their offers. Students who make rushed decisions can lead to the rescinding of job offers.

All employers who participate in a career fair and or on-campus recruiting (which includes ALL interviews) are required to follow theses policies:

  • Students will have until at least November 15 before accepting or declining any offer.
    • For offers extended on or before November 1, 2017, employers will allow students until November 15, 2017 to accept or decline any offer.
    • For offers extended after November 1, 2017, employers will allow a minimum of two weeks from the date of the written offer for students to accept or decline any offer.
    • Employers may not apply pressure or offer additional incentives to student candidates during this response window to influence their decision.

Internship Offers

Employers offering internships should adhere to the Department of Labor internship guidelines as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Our Executive Director, Eileen Buecher, will follow up with any employer who makes offers before the acceptance deadline.

Exploding Offers

We expect employers to honor all offers made to students and that no conditions will be placed on the offer (e.g., “You have by the end of the day to make a decision”, "We have 10 offers outstanding for 8 openings and will accept the first 8 students who get back to us," etc.). No incentives may be offered to induce students to accept offers early (e.g., “We will provide a $5,000 bonus if you sign today,” etc.).

An official offer from an employer should be in written format and contain the position title, salary, start date, and work location.

Reporting Salary/Hiring Information

Employers will inform Career Services of all offers of employment (professional positions and internships) that are extended to students. Career Services wants to ensure accurate statistics regarding students job offers, acceptances and salary. Organization’s employment records are kept strictly confidential, and used only for statistical purposes.

Rescinding Offers

Employers rescinding employment should carefully review the guidelines and follow the NACE recommendations.

The NACE guidelines urge employers to adopt a two-part approach to employment offers under consideration for revocation. The first emphasizes the need for a commitment to high standards in recruiting. The second offers a reasoned approach to dealing with rescinded and deferred offers.

NACE recommends that employers who must revoke a commitment do everything possible to avoid rescinding offers and to consider alternatives that do not require rescinding employment offers. These may include changes in job responsibilities, salary reduction and/or reduced workweeks, changes in job location, delayed starting dates, and other reasonable options.

Career Services expects all employers to treat candidates in an ethical manner. We reserve the right to deny access to on-campus recruiting to any employer who we determine has not conducted their recruiting efforts ethically.

Career Fair Policies

Career Fair Cancellation and Refund Policy

In the event that a company chooses to withdraw completely from the career fair, the following refund schedule will apply. We cannot "roll over" the registration to another event or refund the fee. Once you have been notified that your registration has been approved, the following cancellation policy is in effect: ​

Cancellations received two weeks before the event IN WRITING will receive a full refund minus $100.00. No refunds will be issued after the deadline date.
Employers with outstanding fees will be invoiced by Career Services. An invoice and two past-due invoices will be sent. The third notice will be the final notice. If the organization has not paid their account in full by the deadline date noted on the third notice, their account will be referred to the University to refer to a private collection agency. Organizations will be notified that their organization will be liable for the collections agency fee.
Organizations whose account is not paid in full will be required to pay for all past outstanding fees and pre-pay for the current fair they wish to attend. Employers with any outstanding fees will not be permitted to attend the fair until their account is paid in full. 

Career Fair No Show Policy

Organizations that do no check-in within the first hour and a half on the day of the event will be considered a "no show." The table may be reassigned and the organization will be billed for the event. We cannot "roll over" the registration to another event or refund the fee. 

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