Emerging Job Markets

The future is emerging... find your place in it!

Career Services' Emerging Markets program seeks to connect students with exciting new job markets projected to show employment growth over the next 5-10 years. Explore Emerging Markets to learn about the latest trends, careers in the field, potential employers, and job opportunities. Funding for Emerging Markets is provided by Student Success Fees.

COVID-19 and the Job Market

The COVID-19 pandemic is shaping the job market in unprecedented ways. Throughout the pandemic, our Emerging Markets program has pivoted to explore rapidly-evolving workplace realities. Our 2020-2021 events featured discussions around changing economic trends and innovative developments in industry.

Recordings of these recent events are available here:

Latest Emerging Markets


3D Printing


Food and Society


Debunking Data


Environmental Careers in Government

User Interface and User Experience


Working for a Cause: Large Nonprofits

Previously Highlighted



Sharing Economy


Artificial Intelligence & Robotics




Bioprocessing and Manufacturing


Data Analytics


Data Visualization and Digital Storytelling




Fighting Fake News


Financing the Future of Entrepreneurship

Food: Business 

  Food: Culture


Food: Safety


Food: Sustainability and Security


Green Careers - Attainable Jobs in Environmental Sustainability

Healthy Design

How Technology Affects the Modern Human Experience


Internet of Things


Physical & Mental Optimization


Real Estate and Property Development


Social Entrepreneurship


Sustainable Structures


The Future of Genetics



Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Virtual Reality


Water: Accessibility and Equality


Water: Purification



Water: Sustainability


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