Fourth Year: Achieve

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The College Specialist Team Career Counselors are available to guide and support you through the following:

Revisit the Career Planning Guide and evaluate your progress

  • Read through the checklist for your current year and highlight areas you want to accomplish during the year.
  • Write down two questions to discuss with a Career Counselor.
  • Consider attending a Career Services workshop or event on a related topic such as Four-Year career plan or Career Portfolio.

Refine and demonstrate your unique and authentic professional brand

  • Prepare to articulate to others what you can uniquely contribute.
  • Utilize social media to support and promote your professional brand.
  • Evaluate your professional attire and update as needed to ensure that it aligns with your industry and desired image
  • Participate in a mock interview with a Career Counselor.
  • Practice communicating your brand succinctly in an elevator pitch.
  • Enhance your brand through your professional business cards, voicemail greeting, and email signature.
  • Visit your College Specialist Career Counselor to ensure your resume and cover letter promote your professional brand.
  • Consider attending a Career Services workshop or event such as Professional Brand Workshop or workshops/events on the topic of interviewing.

Update and refine your career portfolio

  • Include examples of how you have used your top 5 strengths from StrengthsQuest.
  • Continue adding relevant coursework and labs, projects, extra-curriculars, and internships/part-time work.
  • Include visuals such as photos, documents, designs, etc.
  • Add the Portfolium link to your email signature, resume, and LinkedIn profile.
  • Attend a Career Services workshop about Portfolium. 
  • Showcase your portfolio to prospective employers; bring a tablet to interviews, networking sessions, and job fairs.
  • Follow companies of interest to increase your visibility to hiring managers.

Complete the necessary steps in the graduate/professional school application process

  • Review the Graduate School links on the Career Services website.
  • Understand the application process and important deadlines for your intended program(s).
  • Network with potential faculty, current students, and alumni in your intended program(s).
  • Take advantage of Career Services and departmental resources such as the Writing & Rhetoric Center and Pre-Health Career Advising for feedback on application materials, interview preparation.
  • Consider attending a Career Services workshop or event on a related topic such as Personal Statement Workshop and Test Prep/Practice Sessions.

Update and utilize MustangJOBS

  • Update your resume to reflect your most recent accomplishments.  Upload your resume to MustangJOBS.
  • Search for jobs and internships in your field of interest.
  • If you haven’t identified a field of interest, begin by searching for positions that match your qualifications.  Meet with your career counselor to discuss possibilities.
  • Sign up for networking sessions that feature companies that interest you.
  • Review Career Fair participating employers to narrow down who you want to connect with. Further research those employers.
  • Create a “saved search” then activate automated emails to receive job postings on a recurring basis.
  • Consider attending a Career Services workshop or event on a related topic such as “Get a Job” or “Internship Search Strategy.”

Make the most of Career Services’ resources and services, including the College Specialist Team

  • Meet with your College Specialist Career Counselor in Fall Quarter for help strategizing your job search or professional/graduate school application process.
  • Access Career Services’ 24/7 online resources, such as Big Interview and GoingGlobal.
  • Consider attending a Career Services workshop or event on a related topic such as “21st Century Workplace Skills” workshop or a career fair.

Cultivate, expand, and leverage your network

  • Connect with faculty/staff, alumni, industry professionals, and employers by engaging in informational interviews or job shadowing.
  • Refine and practice your elevator pitch or sound bites about your education, experience, involvement, strengths and goals at networking events or career fairs.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile and continue connecting with peers and professionals in your industry.  Attend a LinkedIn workshop to discover strategies for connecting with alumni in your field.
  • Update your networking action plan to continue tracking your professional relationships.
  • Join a professional organization related to your field of interest.  Keep in mind that membership fees for students are typically lower than for professionals.
  • Consider attending a Career Services workshop or event on a related topic such as Networking Workshop or related event.

Pursue a meaningful career path which allows you to apply your strengths, values, interests, and personality

  • Choose a senior project that aligns with your professional goals.
  • Research organizations of interest to learn about their mission, vision, values, and company culture.
  • Practice articulating your strengths, skills, and experience in a mock interview with your College Specialist Career Counselor.
  • Create a resume and cover letter that highlights your skills, strengths, and personality.
  • Connect with faculty and staff for post-college guidance and advice; and maintain your relationships after graduation.
  • Determine your career non-negotiable preferences, such as geographic location, work environment, and work/life balance.
  • Consider attending a Career Services workshop or event on a related topic such as International Careers or Salary Negotiating/Budgeting.
  • Stay organized by using the Job Search Tracking Spreadsheet available on Career Services’ handouts webpage, or develop your own system for tracking your job search.
  • Set deadlines for completing important tasks in your job search, such as sending out resumes, following up with employers, and sending thank you notes.
  • Meet with your College Specialist Career Counselor early this year to identify and remove roadblocks in your job search.
  • Consider attending a Career Services workshop or event on a related topic such as “Get a Job” or “Making the Most of the Career Fair.”

Make time for and appreciate the value of reflection

  • Consider attending a Career Services workshop or event on a related topic such as “Planned Happenstance” or a Strengths workshop.
  • Use the following questions to help you reflect on how your experiences this year can relate to your future career plans.
    • Have you clarified your career preferences, such as industry, job function, geographic location, compensation, company culture, and work/life balance?
    • How comfortable do you feel with your job search or graduate school plans? Consider how you could increase your confidence with this process.
    • What stories can you share in interviews that showcase your top strengths and skills?
    • How are you managing your stress level and taking care of yourself as you define your post-college plans?

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