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Liberal Arts Alumni Profiles

If you are a Cal Poly CLA alumnus and would like to share your career information on this website, click here to fill out the online form. For questions contact Charlotte Rinaldi, Career Counselor/Liaison to Liberal Arts.

Art and Design

Child Development

Communication Studies


Graphic Communication

  • Adrian Frank Renteria, Director, Learning and Development, Covidien
  • Amy Reisman, Graphic Designer, Self-Employed,
  • Jaime Merz, Founder & Graphic Designer, Jaime Merz - Graphic Design & Marketing
  • Shannon Rudd, Media Operations Coordinator, Undertone Networks/Intercept Interactive
  • Chris Hoffman, Sales, Appleton Papers Inc


  • Bob Springer, Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Paso Robles Unified School District
  • Hannah Boitel Grotte, Financial Aid Counselor, California Baptist University



Political Science


Social Sciences

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