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On-campus Interviews

During Fall, Winter and Spring quarters, many companies visit the Cal Poly campus to conduct interviews with students. Most interviews target students graduating during the current academic year, though some summer and co-op interviews are also available.

  • Companies, job descriptions, requirements, interview dates and deadlines are listed on MustangJOBS.
  • To apply for an interview, first review the job description in MustangJOBS to determine whether or not you are qualified.
  • If you are qualified, you will be able to use MustangJOBS to either sign up for an interview time (on open interview schedules) or submit your resume for consideration (for pre-select interview schedules).
  • If you believe you are qualified for a position, but your major or graduation date do not match the requirements, please contact Career Services for assistance.

"No Show" Policy

  • Career Services has a "no show" Policy.  Please review policy before scheduling an interview

Professional Attire

  • Photos of what to wear and what not to wear for interviews and in the workplace, along with informational guidelines and tips.

Ethical Conduct

  • Principles for professional conduct.

Interview Guides

On-line Interview Skills Workshop

Networking Sessions

  • Attend networking sessions to learn about company culture, employment opportunities and what companies look for in candidates.
  • For networking session details and to RSVP, visit the Events section of MustangJOBS.


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