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Getting Involved with Your Student’s Success

As a parent, you may be wondering what you can do to support your student’s career development. Focus on becoming informed about resources available to your student, being an active listener and supporter, and providing encouragement. The following guidelines are provided to inform you of ways you can support your student’s success.

Encourage your student to:

  • Meet with a career counselor in the early stages of his/her college years to begin talking about career exploration and planning
  • Utilize academic resources, including academic advisors, study groups, and visiting instructors’ office hours
  • Take advantage of services, events, and workshops offered by Career Services
  • Gain career related experiences through summer jobs, internships, part-time jobs, and volunteer opportunities
  • Develop specific skills that will be beneficial in the future (foreign language, computer, etc.)
  • Take a variety of classes, as permitted by the academic major. General education requirements, free electives, concentration courses, and advisor approved electives provide a great way to explore interests
  • Research salaries, companies and career positions of recent Cal Poly graduates using our Graduate Status Survey

Support your student’s:

  • Career exploration and be patient with consideration of a variety of options
  • Involvement in leadership roles and student activities, and encourage participation

Help your student:

  • Identify strengths and achievements as well as areas for improvement
  • Network; introduce your student to professionals who can provide contacts and informational interviews

Allow your student to:

  • Do most of the work; provide contacts or ideas but let your student follow through with the responsibility of carrying them out
  • Pursue passions and interests

After your student has graduated:

Feel free to contact Career Services with questions about any of our services. However, please remember that student information is protected by the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA). Cal Poly is not permitted to discuss information about a specific student with anyone but the student. Parents are encouraged to discuss issues directly with their student.


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