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To insure the quality of our services and to acknowledge the nature and mission of Cal Poly, to protect student privacy, and to limit the risk to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo students, alumni, and other users of our services, Cal Poly Career Services establishes these policies and guidelines for all employer services provided through our office. 

Employer services include, but are not limited to:  On-Campus Interviewing (OCI); Networking Sessions; career fairs; room reservations; job postings through our on-line job postings service MustangJOBS; and resume book. 

Career Services will provide services for organizations and opportunities that meet the following basic criteria: 

  1. The rate of pay is at least California State minimum wage (calculated over any time scale such as hourly, weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or annually).
  2. The employer complies with all federal, state, and local equal employment opportunity regulations, Cal Poly’s nondiscrimination policy, and NACE guidelines.
  3. The organization accurately describes the responsibilities and requirements of the opportunity in all publicity, including publicity for Networking Sessions.

Career Services has established policies that restrict and/or limit employer access to rooms, scheduling, or sponsorship if:

  1. The opportunity involves on-campus solicitation, posting of materials, or sale of products and services.
  2. Compensation is exclusively based on fees/percentage of sales from others under their sponsorship in the organization.
  3. Compensation is exclusively commission (will require a minimum wage salary, if commission is not met);
  4. The organization is sponsoring an individual to establish their own business for the purpose of selling products or services, and/or recruiting other individuals to establish their own businesses;
  5. The organization requires an initial payment or investment with the organization itself serving as an umbrella or parent corporation.  Investment of this type may include, but are not limited to, such things as:  requirement of attend unpaid orientation or training sessions; direct payment of a fixed fee; payment to attend orientation or training sessions; and/or purchase or rent of a starter kit, sales kit, or presentation supplies;
  6. The organization fails, for any reason, to provide essential information concerning the job description; e.g. commission only, salary, applicant requirements, etc.; and/or
  7. The employer is unable, or unwilling, to provide written documentation of registration with a Better Business Bureau, if so requested.

Services provided to third party agencies

Career Services does not allow access to third party agencies through career fairs, campus recruiting, networking sessions, table scheduling or any other on-campus activity.
Such agencies may only list positions on-line through MustangJOBS if:

  1. The agency agrees to identify itself as a third party agency in the job description.
  2. The agency does not charge any fee to the applicants.
  3. The agency provides a specific position description and requirements in the on-line listing.
  4. The agency complies with the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and only releases candidate information with the written permission of the employment candidate and only for the specific listed position.  Re-disclosure of candidate information is not permitted.
  5. When a third party agency coordinates a company's on-campus recruiting, job listings, and career fairs, Career Services will assist with very limited items and require direct contact be with the primary contact of the recruiting company itself.
  6. Third party agencies will not have access to our Resume Book.


Career Services staff will investigate all complaints by users of our services about job postings, employers, or work assignments.  If Career Services determines that a complaint is justified, we may choose not to sponsor recruiting activities for the employer involved.  Career Services will notify the employer by phone or in writing of the decision.

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