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Schedule Descriptions

All interviews are managed through MustangJOBS, our online recruiting program. There are three types of interview schedules/options for you to select from.

  • Open Schedule
  • Pre-select Schedule
  • Room Reservation Only Option


Students/Alumni who meet your specifications for major, graduation date and citizenship may sign up for an Open interview through MustangJOBS. Online viewing of schedules and resumes are available for your convenience to help you prepare for your visit to Cal Poly, but cannot be used for pre-screening of candidates. Career Services will inform you of sign-up status one week preceding your interview date.


Students who meet your specification may request consideration for pre-select interviews through MustangJOBS. The company "pre-selects" a pool of students they wish to interview. Should the student choose to interview with the company, the pre-selected students sign up on a first-come, first served basis. These are our most successful interview schedules.

Advantages of this type of schedule: Companies are able to review student resumes in advance and select the candidates they feel are the best match for their openings.

Room Reservation Only

Companies receive resumes during career fairs, networking sessions, through web resume books or listing on MustangJOBS. Students are contacted directly by the company and interview times are set directly with the student. Career Services merely reserves the necessary interview room(s). Two working days in advance of the interview date the recruiter will email a copy of the final schedule (appointment times) to or On the day of the interviews, room locations and a copy of the schedule will be posted outside your designated interview room. Should any changes/additions occur during the day, the recruiter will provide a copy of the final schedule upon checkout.

Advantages of the Room Reservation Only Option: This type of schedule can be setup quickly and the company has a definitive list of students who have decided to interview well in advance of the interview date. It also offers a telephone screen that others types of schedules do not. The employer can quickly make arrangements directly with the candidates. Many Room Reservations are used in conjunction with a Career Fair, Web Resume Book, or by posting your open position on MustangJOBS. Interview rooms are reserved in advance and interviews are arranged and carried out within one to two weeks after a Career Fair or event.

Disadvantages of the Room Reservation Only Option: This schedule demands the most pre-interview activity on the part of the company, as Career Services does not take responsibility for scheduling.


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