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Summer Jobs & Internships

The distinction between Summer Jobs and Internships is somewhat blurry—especially at Cal Poly, where only a few majors require internships for graduation, some offer optional internship credit, and some—particularly the College of Engineering—do not offer internship credit at all. For this reason, the goal of the Summer Jobs & Internships Program is simply to offer the widest possible variety of pre-career opportunities for our students. 

  • Most positions offered through this program are specifically for the summer. Cal Poly is on the quarter system; our students are generally available to work between mid-June and mid-September. Seasonal positions and year-round internships are also publicized through this program. 

  • This is not an academic program. However, students may request academic credit from their departments if it is required by the employer or if students determine that credit would be beneficial within their curriculum. To receive academic credit, students must obtain faculty approval, register and pay fees for the quarter(s) in which the work will be done.

  • Summer Jobs & Internships may require upper division students with specific majors and skills/experience, or they may be available to all majors of all backgrounds. Employers include high tech companies, government and non-profit agencies, agricultural employers offering seasonal employment, summer camps and resorts, business and industry employers of all types…there are very few limits on opportunities available to students through this program.

  • Positions are paid, ranging from competitive wages (75-80% of entry level) to stipends and room and board.


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