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Co-ops, Summer Jobs & Internships

Through Summer Jobs, Internships and Co-ops employers are able to preview the workforce of tomorrow, enhance their campus visibility, and benefit from the addition of temporary employees to help with ongoing and special projects. Cal Poly students bring not only fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to the workplace, but also skills and knowledge from a nationally ranked institution, known for its hands-on, learn-by-doing education.

Career Services provides two options for employers to recruit students for “pre-career” employment:
Summer Jobs & Internships Cooperative Education (Co-op)


Academic credit not required: however, students may request credit if they wish, if position is consistent with academic requirements. Positions may be for specific majors with specific skills/knowledge, or they may be appropriate for all majors at all class levels.

Academic credit is required: positions must relate specifically to a student’s major and provide experience consistent with academic requirements. Students pay fees and register; faculty advisors evaluate student Co-op reports and employer evaluations.
Always paid: ranging from competitive hourly wages (75-80% of entry level) to stipends and/or room and board. Unpaid positions are also publicized with government or non-profit agencies. Always Paid: usually between 85-90% of entry level. Benefits not required, but some employers also offer relocation assistance, subsidized housing, and/or academic fee reimbursement.
Usually 10-12 weeks during Summer Quarter. Year-round, usually lasting for 2 consecutive quarters: (6 months).

All employers must comply with Equal Employment Opportunity regulations, U. S. Department of Labor Guidelines and related legislation in their recruitment and hiring practices. Consideration should be afforded to all candidates without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or age.

Program Contact:
Melinda McCann,

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