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Job Offers & Salaries

Employers negotiate the terms and conditions of any employment offers directly with students, including start/end dates, work schedule, salary and job functions.

Co-op students are typically paid 80-85% of an entry-level salary. In addition, many Co-op employers offer benefits such as Co-op registration fee reimbursement, relocation and/or housing assistance.

Summer/Seasonal and Internship positions are paid, ranging from a high of 75-80% of entry level to stipends and/or room and board. Unpaid internships, may be listed for government and non-profit agencies, and are also publicized through MustangJOBS. We survey employers at the end of each academic year to request information about summer hires and salaries; specific information reported back to us remains confidential and is used for statistical purposes only.

If you have any questions about appropriate terms and conditions of employment for Co-op or Summer positions, please contact:
Melinda McCann, (805) 756-2107

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